Supply Chain Solutions


Our fully compliant multi-client facilities ensure that our warehouse operations are not limited by your size or requirements. Some of the core aspects include modern facilities, well-designed storage racks, and well-equipped digital infrastructure.

Our sophisticated warehouses are equipped with warehouse management technology, world-class Material Handling Equipment, complex racking systems, and conveyor belts, and are tailored to your demands. Everything was effortlessly linked with our pan-India express distribution network. Simply put, you gain increased order fulfillment, time and cost efficiency, and ongoing traceability.


Protecting the product’s quality, displaying information, and improving the customer’s experience is all part of our smart and flexible packaging system. Our packing solutions are designed with the primary goal of ensuring secure and impenetrable transport until it arrives at its destination.

We specialize in general cargo packaging, delicate item packaging (glass, mechanical items, etc. ), sensitive cargo packaging (laboratory equipment, calibration equipment, etc. ), and heavy cargo packaging (generators, turbines, etc.). We make use of all current technology to provide you with the best packaging and freight services.


We handle your transportation needs by land, sea, and air – from the nation of origin to the port, and then to you. In addition to distribution, as a recognized logistics and freight specialist, we take responsibility for the entire process, including all documentation and formalities related to import and export.

Our transportation solutions are designed to offer you end-to-end services

  • Multi Modal & Intermodal
  • Inbound Transportation
  • Secondary Transportation
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics/Auto Outbound
  • Long Haul
  • Electric vehicle fleet for last mile delivery
  • Partial truckload (PTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL)
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Network (expedited)
  • Milk Run
  • ODC & Project Cargo